Birthplace of the blues

The Mississippi Blues Commission presents the story of Dockery Farms, the ‘birthplace of the blues’. Narrated by B.B. King the film examines how the community at a plantation founded in 1895 become a magnet for blues musicians like Willie Brown, Son House & Charlie Patton.

The film is just one in series featuring monumental places and people from Mississippi in the history of some of America’s finest music.

Travel Special: Asia Upclose

Silk Roads to Shanghai – Full Documentary from Sand2Snow Adventures on Vimeo.

Be just like the Irish Adventures David Burns and Maghnus Collins. Spend 11 months on an expedition of Istanbul to Kathmandu all on a bike. Then run 1000km’s in 26 days across the Tibetan Plateau before you get your money’s worth with a kayak excursion down the third longest river all the way to Shanghai. All this and more in the documentary above from Sand2Snow Adventures.

Droning Around the Largest Cave on Earth

Ryan Deboodt recently posted an awe inspiring video of the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong.  Hang Son Doong is located in Vietnam, and translates to “Mountain River cave”. Deboobt used multiple cameras including a GoPro and a DJI Phantom drone, to capture the serious awesomeness of this cave. Enjoy the stunning views, we certainly did. Happy Tuesday from The Ironicle.

Hang Son Doong from Ryan Deboodt on Vimeo.