80’s Flashback with Opiuo’s ‘Quack Fat’


Dropbear’s stop motion video for Opiu’s track, ‘Quack Fat’. The video from the group of Australian artists features an array of timeless 80’s artifacts. Watch as cassette tapes, boomboxes and multi-colored morphing cones get down to down to some serious grooves.


A Chairy Tale: A Short Film from 1957 with music by Ravi Shankar

Present by the Nation Film Board of Canada: A Chairy Tale

In this Oscar-nominated short film, a chair, animated by Evelyn Lambart, refuses to be sat upon, forcing a young man to perform a sort of dance with the chair. The musical accompaniment is by Ravi Shankar and Chatur Lal. This virtuoso film is the result of a collaboration between Norman McLaren and Claude Jutra. Directed by Claude Jutra & Norman McLaren – 1957