Birthplace of the blues

The Mississippi Blues Commission presents the story of Dockery Farms, the ‘birthplace of the blues’. Narrated by B.B. King the film examines how the community at a plantation founded in 1895 become a magnet for blues musicians like Willie Brown, Son House & Charlie Patton.

The film is just one in series featuring monumental places and people from Mississippi in the history of some of America’s finest music.


The Lookout: The first line against forest fires

Each summer, Leif Haugen lives in a tiny cabin in the Flathead National Forest of northwestern Montana, where he serves as the fire lookout for the forest. His amenities are few. There is no running water or electricity in the cabin that serves as his home and office. He spends his days sitting in solitary watching for any signs of a fire, quickly responding to the occasional outbreak. Brian Bolster’s film ‘The Outlook’ follows Leif through his time on up on the mountain documenting the nuances of his crucial role while also featuring the beautiful views and vast nature that surrounds him.

Flordia Man: A Documentary by Sean Dunne

This week, filmmaker, Sean Dunne released his most recent documentary, ‘Florida Man’. Found on his vimeo page, the film presents an assortment of candid interviews with local males of the Sunshine State. Dunne captured the accounts by driving through Florida and filming in parking lots of bars and convenience stores. As he puts,

“Most of what you’re seeing in the final film is the entirety of our interaction with these guys. It was quick and to the point and I didn’t even interview people besides the occasional “Any words of wisdom?” So what we got was a whole bunch of people telling stories and talking about whatever was on their mind. It was a strange and exciting journey that took us to a lot of places we didn’t expect.”

Already being a fan of /r/FloridaMan, I found this darkly-humorous film to be more proof that Florida may just be the worst sate in the union. Enjoy.

FLORIDA MAN from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.