How to be a WWII secret agent

Digital Implosion: YouTube presents a World War II era training video created by The Office of Strategic Services in 1943. Throughout the hour long session, enlistees are trained on ‘the preparation, arrival and establishment of cover for secret agents.’ I would love to see the 2016 version but I suppose they’d have to kill me after.


Carnivora Gardinum: A 107-Day Biolapse Video

Carnivora Gardinum is the culmination of a 107-day, continuous shoot by Chris Field for The Chronos Project.  The time-consuming shoot involved 2 cameras and is chronicled in a web series on Field’s Vimeo account and on his Bioplapse website. Fields describes himself as a “network technician by day, a photographer by night., and a garage engineer on the weekends.” Glad to see the long nights as a photographer were not in vein.

Carnivora Gardinum from chris field on Vimeo.

What’s Hot in 2015: Carrots

I feel like every year, a new food takes over the popular culinary zeitgeist. Last year, it was bacon that was all the rage and the year before that it was human flesh or something. This year, I’m putting my money behind the Carrot. Its plain to see that the orange root vegetable is on the up and up. Don’t believe me? Just check out this smooth ad put together by the Carrot lobby no doubt.

Introducing Carrot from Carrot on Vimeo.